Pripyat Bummer Cars

*A few years back someone requested me to draw something from Chernobyl and I have finally finished it
*Made with mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, prismacolor kneeded eraser, India ink pen, colored into ink pen, watercolor pencil, graphite watercolor pencil, colored pencil, Tri-Plus fine line pen, white gel pen, blue painters tape, and water
*About 12 hours and 9 minutes over the course of two weeks


The Sun and Moon

True disciples are drawn to “worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters—calling upon the name of the Lord day and night.” – Dean M. Davies
Made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, kneeded eraser, india ink pen, colored india ink pen, inktenese pencil, white gel pen water, and painter’s tape
Time: about 1 hour and 45 min over 16 days.

Drawing was edited with snapseed 3-23-19 and made on 3-19-17

Super Mario Odyssey fan drawing

*In this game is a Shiba Inu who helps you get Power moons, so I thought it would be interesting to draw that dog as if Cappy could take control of it and what objects Dog-Mario would be able obtain. Back ground is from the game everything else I drew.
*Traditional drawing edited with gimp and snapseed
*The supplies I use were a mechanical pencil, pink Pearl eraser, pencil eraser, prismacolor kneaded eraser, watercolor paint, yellow metallic watercolor pencil, india ink, Indian ink pen, water and blue painters tape.
*Drawing took about 6 hours and 48 minutes over the course of 2 days digital edging took about 30 minutes

Walter the dragon 2019

*I felt like drawing my OCs and decided to do Walter to start off with. He’s using his fire breath against the Retlawkram. Who are evil creatures out of frame that invaded K-9 cove, a nearby town that some of my OCs live in.
*Traditional drawing edited with snapseed and gimp. Fire digitally painted with gimp
*Made with a mechanical pencil pink pearl eraser pencil eraser prismacolor kneaded eraser magic prismacolor rub eraser prismacolor plastic eraser blue triplus fineliner pen white gel pen colored pencil blue inktense pencil blue watercolor pencil India ink pen colored India ink pen prismacolor illustration marker
*This drawing took me about 7 hours and 6 minutes to draw and about an hour to digitally edit it.

WIP #1 of Walter the Dragon 2019

This is my number 1 WIP drawing of “Walter the Dragon color palette drawing”, as I didn’t do this drawing when I made him a few years back. Now I’m making one so that the next time gap between drawing him again I can save time drawing him. This is the first drawing in the current drawing series I’m working on about how my characters survived an attack at a place called K-9 cove and escaped to a place called Canine Bight.

Blog update 3/1/19

This is my newest version of my logo for The Brindle Artist. This is the name of my official art brand. Also I realized before my two year break from this blog that I didn’t follow a schedule so now my goal is to gets at least one post a week on here. As in if I don’t have a drawing to share, then I will post one of my drawings I did while I was on my mission. I plan on also doing WIP posts again.

Just as Jane and Michael Banks

*”Mary replies, “Would I be bothering with them if they weren’t? But I can’t help them if they won’t let me, and there’s no one so hard to teach as the child who knows everything.” Bert asks, “So?” Mary answers, “So they’ve got to do the next bit on their own.” Brothers and sisters, like Jane and Michael Banks, we are “good kids” who are worth bothering about. Our Heavenly Father wants to help and bless us, but we do not always let Him. Sometimes, we even act as if we already know everything. And we too need to do “the next bit” on our own. That is why we came to earth from a premortal, heavenly home. Our “bit” involves making choices.”
*I felt like trying to improve my people drawings, and I know that I still have some ways to go before that happens.
* Traditional drying edited with gimp, and Snapseed
*Made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, pencil eraser, prismacolor kneaded eraser, inktense pencil, watercolor pencil, India ink pen, colored India ink pen, triplus fineliner pen, white gel pen, water, and blue painter’s tape
*Time 5 hours, 32 minutes, and 50 seconds over the course of 6 days