Like an ox in the mire

*Based on quote by #jeffreyrholland .I also thought about using a fan brush for the hay.
* traditional drawing digitally edited with #gimp
and #snapseed *Made with mechanical pencil, Pink Pearl eraser, kneeded eraser, watercolor paint, a green colored pencil, water, and blue painters tape
*Time: about 7 hours 30 minutes over the course of 15 days.


Jack the Griffin OC reference drawing

*Jack is on the roof of his house dealing with an out of frame threat. A devious creature called a Retlawkram, and it also set Jack’s neighbors house on fire.
*Made with mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, kneeded eraser, pit artist pen, colored pit artist pen, Prismacolor marker, gel pen, Inktense pencil, Prismacolor watercolor pencil, Prismacolor verithin colored pencil, metallic watercolor pencil, silver metallic colored pencil, prismacolor colored pencil, graphite watercolor pencil, Prismacolor colored pencil, prismacolor Artgum eraser, blue painter’s tape, and water
*Time: 9 hours and 37 minutes over the course of 15 days