Bob and Walter


this is Bob freaking out Walter because he turned into a dragon dog. I improved the dragon anatomy of Walter by mixing detail in my  Ender Dragon in my drawing style drawing and pose from Black Dragon RaR by LauraRamirez on deviantart. As you can see, Walter lives in a cave at the base of a hill that is at the end of the street that goes by  John’s house.   

Bob the pit bull


this is a dog oc that I made. He’s based off a 2010 sketch of a dog that I named Buddy. His dark blue eyes have given him the ability to be polymorphic. Bob lives in the back yard of the house next door to John ‘s house as seen in Merry Christmas 2015. I’ve been thinking about doing a bunch of dog related mythical creatures, so I decided to make Bob be able to turn into more then just a Telekhine.