List of things to draw

This is how it was near the end of february 2017 will be updated in february 2019ish when I finish my mission.

The things I’m going to draw and/or paint in the near future/ currently working on:

  • conf. quote drawings
  • animals from realistic animal cubism drawing for separate drawing of:
    1. Alaskan Husky
    2. Echo the GSD
    3. Elephant

Side drawings I’m working on or plan on doing:

Top twenty drawings that I’m thinking about doing sometime soon

  1. flowers by the sea – acrylic painting with painting knives
  2. muscular pitbull – illustration Marker, and ink
  3. Relaxed pitbull – Charcoal
  4. Happy pit bulls – watercolor pencil, illustration Marker, and ink
  5. St Bernard/ Black Lab cross – Onyx pencil
  6.  Wolf by water – ink pencil and watercolor pencil
  7.  Mossy Stream- Oil Painting
  8. Disproving Pit bull – Ink pen
  9. Buff Pitbulls – colored pencil
  10. Black lab – ink pencil and pen
  11. Sitting Rhodesian Ridgeback – watercolor pencil
  12. Blue and red Nose Pitbull – acrylic painting
  13. Bashful puppy – acrylic painting
  14. Yellow and black lab – pen and marker
  15. Stretching dog – acrylic painting
  16. dog at Mt. St. Helens – pen and acrylic painting
  17. Rabbit in the snow – watercolor painting
  18. Annoyed Pit bull – watercolor pencil, illustration Marker, and Pen
  19. pit bull car ride –  pen and marker
  20. hunting labs – acrylic painting

Drawing Idea that I’m thinking about doing :

  • a ship on the sea

Drawing Projects that I would like to do or finish

Fan art drawings art project:

  • Castle Crashers
  • Skyrim
  • Savlonic – Epoch (The Living Tombstone’s Remix) realistic bear with red flower fan drawing

Original Characters from the adventures of Molly :

  • Buddy the Beagle – pen and watercolor
  • Wrangler the Pitbull – pen and watercolor

Original Characters in watercolor paintings project :

  1. Jack the Griffin
  2. John the Werewolf
  3. Walter the dragon
  4. Brice the Minotaur
  5. Phil the Werebear
  6. Roger the Bald Eagle
  7. Logan the Chimera
  8. Bob the Polymorphic Pitbull
  9. Jake the carnivorous anthro plant
  10. Tim the anthro pig
  11. Riptide the Werewolf
  12. Scout the Dalmatian
  13. Mark the ice dragon
  14. Ivan the polar bear
  15. Mike the snowman

Random Ideas for drawings art project :

  • a ship on the sea

Drawings for when content posting is low :

  • mixed style drawing of a black and red dragon that turns things abstract and surreal with stippled fire breath.

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