The Adventures of Molly Art video slide 6 update 1

The Adventures of Molly Art video slide 6 update 1

what “Molly in the dark” looked like on 8-25-13


Blog update

I decided to freshen up my art blog and give it a more art look to it and found a theme that makes it look, like a chalk board, as the last theme didn’t show pictures unless you clicked on the titles. This will be the theme for this blog until I find one that looks like a drawing that shows widgets, tags, and pictures, and black text     

Wrangler meets Buddy

Wrangler meets Buddy

One day in doglandia, Molly was chasing the other dogs. After running and romping around for some time, Wrangler came out of the brush to play also. One of the dogs, a Beagle made his hackles stand up, and said “Why did you come here ?! Go play your fighting games somewhere else!” , “but I don t play games like that” “I don’t care, you are a pit-bull, so that means that you are a ferocious dog” “I’ll show you I’m not the type of dog you say I am”