Hylian Retriever

*This is one of the dogs found in Zelda breath of the wild, and I thought about doing a drawing of one of them when they show their belly.
*This is a traditional drawing digitally enhanced with gimp
*Made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, kneaded eraser, India ink pen, red Tri-Plus fine liner pen, and gel pen
*Time: about 3 hours and 30 minutes over the course of 3 days

Retlawkram mountain troll OC reference drawing

*This particular one is called Laman. He is a general in the Retlawkram mountain troll army that has invaded K-9 cove. Laman is currently a half a mile north from where Jack the Griffin was being attacked. Something else I would like to share about my OC is that each one represents an emotion. This one represents sleep deprivation. As the Retlawkram mountain trolls are nocturnal, the noise pollution from the K-9 cove has been causing them to be unable to get enough sleep.
Also, I would like to share the backstory on how I came up with this design. A few years ago when a cousin of mine about 10 showed me a drawing of a 4 eyed monster, and so I thought about doing an anthropomorphic sketch of it in my style. Recently though I have also added some small changes to my original plan as banjo from the game banjo Kazooie has an interesting fur texture. The color scheme is also something I came up with. So now the Chimera critter I’ve created is a blue and grey anthropomorphic Dog, wolf, bear, and mandrill mix.
*Traditional drawing edited with snapseed
*Made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, kneeded eraser, India ink pen, white gel pen, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, intense pencil, water, and blue painters tape
*Time: about 8 hours and 26 minutes over the course of 15 days

RIP Grandma đź’”

*This is a drawing I made a remembrance of my Grandma Koeber right after going to her funeral. I have done drawings based on the book of Mormon verses before and so I thought about a verse that gave me peace about her passing away.
*Made with a mechanical pencil pink, pearl eraser, kneaded eraser, white gel pen, eraser pencil, black India ink pen, black color pencil, onyx graphite pencil, Prismacolor ebony graphite pencil, paper stumps, and charcoal white
*Time: about 3 hours and 59 minutes over the course of 13 days of which was worked on 4 days.

“Preventing doggy disasters”

“The setting was a beautiful college campus. A crowd of young students was seated on the grass. The speaker who described this circumstance said they were watching a handsome tree squirrel with a large, bushy tail playing around the base of a beautiful hardwood tree. Sometimes it was on the ground, sometimes up and down and around the trunk. But why would that familiar sight attract a crowd of students? Stretched out prone on the grass nearby was an Irish setter. He was the object of the students’ interest, and the squirrel was the object of his. Each time the squirrel was momentarily out of sight circling the tree, the setter would quietly creep forward a few inches and then resume his apparently indifferent posture. This was what held the students’ interest. Silent and immobile, their eyes were riveted on the event whose outcome was increasingly obvious.” – Dallin H. Oaks
*Made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, kneaded eraser, magic rub eraser, watercolor pencil, inktense pencil, India ink pen, colored Indian ink pen, water, and blue painters tape.
*Time: about 8 hours and 59 minutes over the course of 10 days

Mythical March: Agrius and Oreius – Percy Jackson fan art drawing

*This is a drawing of Agrius and Oreius. They are some monsters that appear in Book 2: The Sea of Monsters, and are basically 8 foot spear wielding Werebear goons under the command of the main villain. What I thought was interesting about them is that they are bears that wear pants.
*Made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, kneeded eraser, India ink pen, colored India ink pen, gel pen, watercolor marker, and prismacolor illustration marker
*Time: about 2 hours and 30 minutes over the course of 2 days

Like a German Shepherd

*Recently, the Church has placed a renewed emphasis on ministering, or serving or loving others. Great thought was taken to determine what we should call this special emphasis.
One of the names considered was shepherding, a fitting reference to Christ’s invitation: “Feed my sheep.” However, it had at least one complication: using that term would make me a German shepherd. Consequently, I am quite content with the term ministering. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
*At the time of making this painting, I based the dog on a shelter German shepherd as to me it represents helping those in need. Also when I made this, I used some watercolor paint as that was a gift I got for Christmas 2018.
*Digitally edited with gimp
*made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, Prismacolor kneaded eraser, gel pen, India ink pen, watercolor paint, watercolor pencil, water, and blue painter’s tape.
*time on painting: about 5 hours and 47 minutes over the course of 12 days.

Jasper at the Canine Bight Water Melon art gallery

* Made with mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, prismacolor kneaded eraser, eraser pencil, India ink pen, colored India ink pen, triplus fineliner pen, gel pen, prismacolor illustration marker, watercolor pencil, charcoal white pencil, studio g marker, graphite watercolor pencil, metallic watercolor pencil, water, a white crayon, and blue painter’s tape.
*Time: About 18 hours and 23 minutes over the course of 3 months

* This drawing represents all my subject matter and styles of art I do. My art has three things put together: art style, art subject, and art supplies. This drawing show cases my art style and art subject. In this drawing is my realistic style, surrealism style, abstract style, fan art style, and fantasy style. The subject matter in this drawing represents the different kinds of art I had done up to that point in time in 2019. Every animal except for the tiger and was an OC drawn as their real life counterparts, the creeper, tiger, lion, and bear represent fan art. I made a drawing with a similar concept of a drawing made of mini drawings and just like in that drawing I added in the previous drawing I finished which in this case was the alligator tail at the top left of the drawing.

Ralph Benjamin Koeber

*This was a white elephant gift exchange drawing I made for a genealogy group I was a part of while serving a mission for my church. Ralph Benjamin Koeber was one of my great-grandpas. The drawing’s text was based on Hand Lettering I made for a cover drawing.

*Made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, triplus fineliner pen, India ink pen, White gel pen, Prismacolor illustration marker, colored India ink pen, colored pencil, graphite pencil, and a paper blending stump

*Time about 3 hours and 8 minutes over the course of 1 day

Like sidewalk cracks

*Traditional painting edited with GIMP
*This is a watercolor painting of a spot in Hermiston where the sidewalk is very badly cracked
*”I was reminded of the power of small and simple things over time by something I saw on a morning walk…The thick and strong concrete sidewalk is cracking. Is this the result of some large and powerful thrust? No, this cracking is caused by the slow, small growth of one of the roots reaching out from the adjoining tree…The thrusting power that cracked these heavy concrete sidewalks was too small to measure on a daily or even a monthly basis, but its effect over time was incredibly powerful. So is the powerful effect over time of the small and simple things we are taught in the scriptures and by living prophets” – President Dallin H. Oaks.
*Made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, white egg eraser, watercolor pencil, graphite watercolor pencil, water, and painters tape.
* Time: 6 hrs, 43 minutes, and 24 seconds over the course of 11 days

Drawing for my Sister

*My sister asked me to do a drawing for her one year relationship anniversary with her then-boyfriend (now-husband) and this is how it turned out.
*Digitally touched traditional drawing with GIMP
*made with a mechanical pencil, pink pearl eraser, Prismacolor plastic eraser, pencil eraser, magic rub eraser, inktense ink pencil, Prismacolor illustration marker, Studio G pink marker, India ink pen, colored India ink pen, triplus fineliner pen, Studio series micro-line 005 ink pen, graphite watercolor pencil, Prismacolor colored pencil, Prismacolor Verithin colored pencil, watercolor brushes, water, Prismacolor kneaded eraser and painters tape.
*Time about 13 hours and 22 minutes over 31 days