So anyways, I saw there was a drawing challenge called InkTober so I did my own version of it. I had the pictures I was using for my drawings on a InkTober Board on Pinterest, and the things that I drew  for this challenge could be found on my List of things to draw on DArHook. I was also working on my normal art work drawings at the same time. (Only if I had extra time after finishing the InkTober drawing for that day.)

Here is my plate of colors I used for my drawings :

B&W plate on top, color plate middle, india ink bottom

Here are the pen sizes that I used :

SX: Black

S: Black

F: Black

M: Black

B: Black, 8 shades of grey, 6 shades of blue, 2 shades of brown, and light flesh

SC: Black

SB: Black

1,5: Black

Big Brush : Black, White, and Light Flesh

these are the brushes I used for india ink:


Update: I deleted the inktober art links that were meachen in this post