Goodbye internet, sort of


So anyways, I am going to be a young church service missionary for the the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The difference between this and proselyting mission is that instead of knocking on doors, I’ll just be doing service projects around the area where I live. I will be starting my Mission on the 27th as that is the day I will be getting set apart.

When my mission ends two years from now, I will use art that I made during my mission for when I don’t have enough content to post.

The Iliamna Lake Monster


On cryptid wiki it says “The Iliamna Lake Monster, also known as Illie to many locals, Jig-ik-nak in Tlingit, or Gonakadet in Aleutian, is an aquatic cryptid reported to dwell in the small Alaskan fishing village of Iliamna. The native’s tales describe a large beast that roams the waters. The monster has many reported sightings along with a few reported caused deaths.” “The earliest reports of a monster living in the lake came from the native Tlingit people, who tell stories of a creature referred to as the Gonakadet. It was described as a large, water-dwelling animal with a head and tail similar to that of a wolf, and a body like an orca, very similar to the Akhlut.” “Other early reports of the monster came from the native Aleut people, who tell stories of creatures they call the Jig-ik-nak. The fish-like monsters were reported to travel in groups and attack canoes and kill warriors. The creatures were feared and not hunted by the Aleut. This sparked interest in others as pilots and fishermen began to wonder what the creatures were. Many more sightings were reported as people began to fly low over the lake for the purpose of seeing these monster fish. Consistent reports of large, dull, aluminum-colored fish were coming in by the late 50’s.”

Black Jaguar


I decided to try out my new inktense pencil colors and black gel pen on this Jaguar, and I found out that the white inktense pencil works better for diluting color with other inktense pencil colors then my white watercolor pencil with other watercolor pencil colors. So I used the watercolor pencil for the highlights, and gel pen on the eyes. I also used a napkin to dull the bronze mustard color on the pelt.