Lab Standing Next To Water in Onyx pencil

Lab next to water in Onyx pencil

I have finally finished Lab Standing Next To Water in Onyx pencil


The Intruders

The AoM video drawing 13 update 2

After that, something unthinkable turned up. Since the guards at the entrance had also taken sides with the Nonpugnabam, and Odibilis packs, some humans made it into Doglandia. How this was bad was because if any humans ever made it to Doglandia, there would be a minute countdown till all the portals would close and any creature left, would be teleported a nasty place known as Terralupis, a.k.a land of the wolves.

Read The Adventures of Molly for The Backstory to the Adventures of Molly and Rufus in Terralupis Sample.

I will start to make the video once I post my video review of the Canon PowerShot ELPH 520.

Other News 

I now have a profile on Prismacolor and Artstation