Arcade Fire fan Art drawing


Here are the lyrics  i used for my Arcade Fire fan art drawing:

Headlights Look Like Diamonds:
The red lights mean you’re leaving, The white one’s mean returning,I’ll keep them fires burning, The headlights look like diamonds, The taillights burn like coals

Wake Up:
hearts get torn up,  rain storms, lighnin’ bolts a glowin’

Rebellion (Lies):
now here’s the sun, it’s alright! now here’s the moon, it’s alright!

No Cars Go:
We know a place where no planes go, We know a place where no ships go, No cars go

Sea Wolf fan Art drawing


Here are the lyrics and song titles i used:

Black dirt, Black Leaf Falls, You’re a wolf, Saint Catherine Street

Neutral Ground:

Among the trees and by the river, And here in the sky Lights flash before our eyes


Is that a light Coming through The gray and white?

Wicked Blood:

east, under the church-light, you stand there with your wicked blood and your curls, in your fur and your pearls, and there’s an ember in the rafters, and it’s going to bring this whole thing down,In the neon mist

Turn The Dirt Over:

the window-frame, the field of snow, Turning gold to black, turn the water over, a summer-flame

Dew In The Grass:

Cars, dew in the grass

O Maria! :

the moon