John Among the Canines part one


This is part one of my webcomic John Among the Canines. It’s based off the cartoon style I used for a comic I made while I was in high school called Joe Pharts. It was a dark humor comic that was a satire on the students and teachers I went to school with. This comic how ever, is about how my oc John became a werewolf, It’s a Sci Fi cartoon where John is Teleported to alternate universe where dogs became the dominant species. The Villain in this webcomic is a Mad Scientist named Mike the Doberman,  who as you see here has a corgi igor who is not very good at following commands. There is a couple of easter eggs in here. From the cover drawing is, the green curly horizontal abstract drawing, the layout for the comic, the bee, and the dog paw. The other easter eggs in this drawing are tennis balls from Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog word art drawing and the wormhole in TARDIS. The symbols on the dogs t-shirts are just to make them more unique .