The Adventures of Molly Art video slide 5

The Adventures of Molly Art video slide 4

What the drawing looked like on 7-30-13


Wrangler the Pitt-Bull

Wrangler the Pitt-Bull

Every day was fun until, a dog known as the Wrangler who was a blue nose pit-bull came along. This dog was said to be that he could strike fear into anything, by looking at it. It all happend, because he was treated as a ferocious beast, and was always set on ruling other dogs to get revenge on those who had wronged him.



Molly said to the dog that came up to her “what was it that you wanted to play so bad? A couple minutes ago, you were shouting over the fence that you wanted to play.” “What I really wanted to play was chase” the other dogs howled in agreement and that was the thing everyone in the Omni pack was going to do during that time.

Art Supplies Update 7/3/13


I now have 2 new Charcoal White pencils, a blender pen for colored pencil, a size 2 flat shader brush for Oil, Acrylic,and Watercolor Paints, a Soft Oval Eraser, and a F size pitt artist pen.    

Why I got a new pack of Charcoal White pencils was because I was low on Charcoal art supplies. It turns out that if you use oil paint with a watercolor brush, it gets destroyed. The F size pen and Soft Oval Eraser are for making a new look to my art