Wrangler the Pitt-Bull

Wrangler the Pitt-Bull

Every day was fun until, a dog known as the Wrangler who was a blue nose pit-bull came along. This dog was said to be that he could strike fear into anything, by looking at it. It all happend, because he was treated as a ferocious beast, and was always set on ruling other dogs to get revenge on those who had wronged him.

Art Supplies Update 7/3/13


I now have 2 new Charcoal White pencils, a blender pen for colored pencil, a size 2 flat shader brush for Oil, Acrylic,and Watercolor Paints, a Soft Oval Eraser, and a F size pitt artist pen.    

Why I got a new pack of Charcoal White pencils was because I was low on Charcoal art supplies. It turns out that if you use oil paint with a watercolor brush, it gets destroyed. The F size pen and Soft Oval Eraser are for making a new look to my art