Redwood forest in the rain


this is a painting based off a picture I took of the Redwood forest while on summer vacation back in July 2016.


Bob and Jack


this is a painting of Bob as a dog Griffin greeting Jack in the air. As you can see in the background, Phil lives next door to John, the house across the street is Jack‘s house.
My oc’s live in K-9 Cove, a coast town populated mainly by american english speaking dogs and mythical creatures, next to the orca bay as seen in Dogs on the sea.

Bob and Walter


this is Bob freaking out Walter because he turned into a dragon dog. I improved the dragon anatomy of Walter by mixing detail in my  Ender Dragon in my drawing style drawing and pose from Black Dragon RaR by LauraRamirez on deviantart. As you can see, Walter lives in a cave at the base of a hill that is at the end of the street that goes by  John’s house.