Inktober Art 2016

these are the drawings I made this year based on their theme.





Life in K-9 Cove:




Inktober 2016 #10: Tim the Zombie pig man


This is Tim, he’s a character  that I originally decided not to make into a oc, that has come back from the dead for Halloween. I based Tim off the  minecraft Zombie pig man. He lived in the house that  John lives in now.  On his original sketch I made of him, the stocking with a tree as seen in Merry Christmas 2014, was on a ugly christmas sweater he was wearing. In this cemetery are all the creatures I’ve drawn that haven’t been turned into an oc, and creatures I don’t plan on ever redrawing.Max was a drawing of a dog I made before my family got Molly.

Inktober 2016

This year I plan to  change somethings in my custom Inktober challenge. This time round I plan on posting Inktober drawings at the speed I normally post art. The other change is that i plan on focusing more on Ink paintings. Although if I feel like using color, I plan on using my pens and markers. Here is my Inktober 2016 cover :


The 1st drawing I plan on doing, is Art drawing 2016 photo for my art social media sites. The themes  I plan on doing this year is Dog, Minecraft, Mythology, Life in K-9 Cove, and Constellations


Inktober Drawings 25 – 28

Here are the drawings that I did earlier this week

InkTober Drawing #25 LDS Conference Center Organ 


This is the  LDS Conference Center Organ. I also added my custom inktober cover which I  pixelated on InkTober Drawing #18.

InkTober Drawing #26 Hat Rock, OR


This is Hat Rock. It’s called that because Lewis and Clark saw it while on the columbia river and a butte that looked like a beaver hat and so that is why it’s called Hat Rock.

InkTober Drawing #27 Fierce Black German Shepherd


This is a German Shepherd showing his teeth.

InkTober Drawing #28 Black Bull


This is bull made of ink and pen. The last bull drawing that I did can be found on this blog post