pictures for slide 12

pictures for slide 12

I have finally put together all the pictures that will be use as inspiration for “Fight at flattened flower meadow”


pictures for side 10

pictures for side 10

I have chosen the pictures for side 10 – Snowy Paws Mts.

In a snowy place with paw shaped Mts. there are dogs, that is what it will look like with ten dogs in the drawing. The finished drawing will be done in india ink pen

Pictures for The Adventures of Molly Art video slide 7

Pictures for The Adventures of Molly Art video slide 7

I finally got the pictures for slide 7, the next day put on a Google document, Lately I’ve been surviving high school, as it started on the last week of August. Also I’ve started an eagle scout project for a local park, and I finally  got someone to ask for a review on E-books Tips, and Reviews