Long-tailed weasel 2


I decided to do this weasel with Onyx pencil.


Black Jaguar


I decided to try out my new inktense pencil colors and black gel pen on this Jaguar, and I found out that the white inktense pencil works better for diluting color with other inktense pencil colors then my white watercolor pencil with other watercolor pencil colors. So I used the watercolor pencil for the highlights, and gel pen on the eyes. I also used a napkin to dull the bronze mustard color on the pelt.

Thanksgiving vacation art

These are the drawings I finished while on vacation.

Mark the ice dragon near Mt. Retlawkram


this is a drawing of Mark the ice dragon, Ivan the polar bear, and Mike the snowman near Mt.Retlatkram. Ivan was 1st seen in Favorite sketches 2014, and Mike was 1st seen in Merry Christmas 2014. They live in Snowville, a small town near the base of Mt.Retlawkram the mountain, in the background of a lot of my K-9 Cove art starting with Bob and Jack.

Standing Tiger


a tiger standing on his hind legs.