Dalmatians at play


Based off the picture Aint the two lovers cute by vennis82. Two Dalmatians have a good time.


Nativity drawing


I made this for my dad as he asked me to make a drawing of the Nativity. For those that didn’t know, there no wise men in this drawing of the Nativity because they came after Jesus was born. I based this off some Nativity display idems.

Thanksgiving vacation art

These are the drawings I finished while on vacation.

Mark the ice dragon near Mt. Retlawkram


this is a drawing of Mark the ice dragon, Ivan the polar bear, and Mike the snowman near Mt.Retlatkram. Ivan was 1st seen in Favorite sketches 2014, and Mike was 1st seen in Merry Christmas 2014. They live in Snowville, a small town near the base of Mt.Retlawkram the mountain, in the background of a lot of my K-9 Cove art starting with Bob and Jack.

Standing Tiger


a tiger standing on his hind legs.