New Year’s vacation art

these are the drawings I finished while on vacation for New Year’s eve.

Idahoan Winter Wonderland


this is a drawing based off a picture I took when my family was going through southern Idaho on our way back home after vacationing  in Utah for thanksgiving.

Favorite Sketches 2015 


these are my favorite Sketches I made for 2015. In it is an apple, man eating plant, A Tartar sauce eating minotaur named Brice, a bunny, an evil worm creature, Jack the Griffin on his back, Phil the Werebear, ink eyes, a light bulb, and a hot air balloon.

Justyn’s “In Your Style” ~ Puffin Challenge ~ drawing


this is what I drew for the  “In Your Style” ~ Puffin Challenge ~ on The Art Colony.

Gravity Falls fan art drawing 2


This is my 2nd Gravity Falls fan art drawing. In it is Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Grunkle Stan, and a happy new year for 2016

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