InkTober Drawing #31 Jack O’Lanterns


This is my last drawing for Inktober 2015. It’s made of Pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns from the surrounding area where I live, and a halloween dance I went to. I also turned some of the blank pumpkins into Jack O’Lanterns. The things I put on the blank  pumpkins were a drawing to represent all the themes that I was doing for Inktober, which were dog, animal, LDS, bridge, oregon, mythical creature, nature, and minecraft. I also added a Waldo hat Jack O’Lantern. The next drawing I’m doing is an Cover drawing that has, a cover for my Dog word art, fall art, LDS art, and an end cover for Inktober 2015. I will be mainly working on finishing my LDS art drawings, and Fall art 2015 drawings these are my next two art projects that I’ll be working on. The only non related drawings I will be doing until I finish them will be a drawing for my little sister, and this month’s Challenge Art drawing for the art colony. I will then finish the drawings I want to do before doing my next dog word art drawing Corgi word art drawing.


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